Hello and welcome in Another Week of the quarantine, isolation and social distancing.

As the pandemic gains momentum*, we are all beginning to feel VULNERABLE, which is our second Word of the Week.

Vulnerability (noun) means “the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally” (narażenie, podatność, wrażliwość, słabość, bezradność).

We can use the word Vulnerability/Vulnerable in the following context:

We’ve identified numerous vulnerabilities in your company’s software (słabe punkty).

In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, the transportation industry is very vulnerable (jest bardzo narażona na skutki).

The area is very vulnerable to natural disasters (obszar jest bardzo narażony, podatny)

Now is the time to think about the most vulnerable – the elderly and people with chronic illnesses (o najbardziej zagrożonych).

Remember Roxette? Type in “Roxette, Vulnerable” on YouTube and listen to their song about vulnerability in a more old-fashioned and romantic context .

*to gain momentum – nabierać rozpędu

Małgorzata Kulik

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