Not everyone knows that DIRE STRAITS is not only the name of the famous rock band. In fact, the original meaning (still in use today) of this expression is “serious trouble or difficulties”. 

Originally it was coined by sailors, who had to navigate dire straits (dosłownie: straszne cieśniny). 

Many companies are now in dire straits because of the consequences of the pandemic. 

Kids are in dire straits, because they are required to work online, and not every school is prepared to teach online. 

The medical sector is in dire straits due to shortage of staff, supplies and respirators.

The government is in dire straits, and consequently, so are we. 

We can also say that something is dire (pilne, złowieszcze, straszliwe itp.) 

The house was in dire need of repair (w pilnej potrzebie naprawy).

Up close the situation looked even more dire (źle).

The forecasts for the next year look dire (złowieszczo).

To be honest, I’m afraid we are all in dire straits right now. 

But let’s not get all gloomy and depressed. Instead we can listen to “Why worry”, a very optimistic song by Dire Straits, which is actually filled with hope for the future. And hope is very useful when we find ourselves in dire straits. Hope… and good insurance :). 

Małgorzata Kulik

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